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Welcome to Moran Driving & Traffic School in Northeast Los Angeles, CA!

Our excellent driving lessons guarantee you that you are going to learn how to drive in no time.

Welcome to Moran Driving School, we are located in Northeast Los Angeles, CA, and are here to aid people of all ages to learn how to become good drivers. We can design our driving lessons according to your busy schedule. Our courses are very flexible in time and allow both students and working people to be able to take them whenever they want. Other driving schools have very strict scheduling, but you don’t need to worry about that with Moran Driving School. We are aware that everyone has a busy daily routine and we need to be flexible. We have experienced great success over the years and have had many happy clients that have successfully completed our classes and have been driving safely for years now. You can ask any of our customers and they will say that our driving instruction classes are unbeatable. There are a lot of driving schools in the area, but we can ensure you that if you choose our company you won’t regret. We not only offer you great driving lessons, but also we will teach you how to be safe on the road at our excellent traffic school.

From teens who have never been behind the wheel to adults who have been driving for years but need remedial training, our flexible driving school works with all students situated in the Northeast Los Angeles, CA area. Registration with us is easy and classes are convenient enough to fit almost any schedule. For the best driving school experience in the area, contact our driving school today at (626) 804-1463 to begin your lessons and improve your driving skills. Our high-principled safe driving instructor will prepare you for the exam.

Moran Driving School
Driving Lessons

Why Select Moran Driving School's Driving Lessons?

Whether you are a student in or a working adult, Moran Driving School is the best driving school in Northeast Los Angeles, CA. here is a list of reasons why you should choose our driving instruction classes:

* Experienced, patient and friendly instructors that will make you feel comfortable during the whole course
* Really flexible class times to fit into your schedule.
* The most affordable prices
* Training vehicles are provided
Driving Classes
Master the Art of Driving with Our Instructors

Moran Driving School
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About Our Courses Offered

Each of the courses that are students goes through allows individual training and development. Every student driver at Moran Driving School can learn how to drive at their own pace. As you progress through each driving class, the informative lessons will prepare you for the necessary road test, with the goal of obtaining your driver’s license. There is a great sense of pride once you pass the road test and finally receive your professional driver’s license, and our instructors take great joy in seeing their students reach this important goal.

Moran Driving School‘s goals

At Moran Driving School, we have been providing a very valuable service to the Northeast Los Angeles, CA area residents for years. We offer a quality defensive driving course that are especially designed for the busy working person and students in mind. Our quality driving courses are flexible and can fit into anyone’s schedule. We have the friendliest, most experienced and patient driving instructors around. One of our most important goals is to ensure that our students feel comfortable knowing that they can go through our instructive defensive driving sessions at their own pace.

When the time to make a decision on what driving school to attend come, one company stands out from the rest- Moran Driving School, located in Northeast Los Angeles, CA. We can help you obtain your driver’s license in no time, call us today at (626) 804-1463 to find out how our driving courses can fit into your busy schedule.

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by M. ONEAL on Moran Driving School
Passed First Time With Moran Driving & Traffic School

Thanks a million to Albert for helping me pass first time. He explains things really simply so everything is easy to understand. Every lesson, including defensive driving, was enjoyable, friendly and relaxed. I particularly liked how he encouraged me to laugh at my mistakes and not get frustrated if I did something wrong. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

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