Is It Worth Taking Defensive Driving Lessons

Defensive driving is the practice of drivers that consciously reduce the dangers that are often associated with driving. Defensive driving techniques will greatly reduce the chances of a collision or incident, and, will even save on costs that are associated with vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, simply by driving at a smooth and steady rate.

Awareness is the primary key to defensive driving, ensuring that drivers are fully aware of any potential hazards and other road users’ actions, enabling them to take proactive action in order to avoid an incident.

You should never take for granted that other drivers will make good decisions. So you need to give yourself and the drivers around you time and space. Meaning ensuring there is a 3-second gap to the vehicle in front of you. Never tailgate, as this will remove the chance of having enough time to stop if the car in front steps on the brakes for any reason.

Most road collisions can be prevented. For example, imagine a situation where another vehicle has hit the rear of your car; this could have been avoided had you left sufficient space between you and the vehicle in front. This kind of defensive driving may have given you the option to move forward or get out of the way entirely.

There are numerous defensive driving courses available today, however, for most drivers, the habits of this driving style can be learned by acting more pro-actively, and staying focused at all times, keep yourself aware so you can pre-empt any potential hazards.

As well as being mindful of the other road users, you must be aware of your surroundings, where there are more signs, painted road markings, or street lights, as this often means there is more danger for you.

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